My Week #29


Hello Loves! 

I had some requests to do a post on this weeks pages. So, here ya go! These pages are my favorite that I’ve done so far! They turned out super cute! 


Week #29

Week #29

For these pages I used purple and blue skinny Washi tape, masking stickers, hole reinforcers, and a sheet from a target list pad. The masking stickers are by far my absolute favorite planning essential to use in my planners! They come in pre cut strips and are very easy to write on! Oh and come in super cute designs too!!

Masking sticker set

Masking sticker set

I love to use these for decorating, writing things like week #, work schedule, TV show reminders ext.. On this weeks pages I used the skinny strips for my week #, the larger strips for decoration, and the circles for work schedule. 

Close up

Close up


Close up

Close up

The hole reinforcers are from the container store and come in a few different designs. I also used my paper mate flair pens this week to color code my different todos and reminders. I just love the way they write! They are one of my favorite sets! Lastly, I have wrote out my weekly menu on just a list pad from target and added a masking sticker at the top to coordinate with my theme. 

Weekly menu plan

Weekly menu plan

I highly recommend you checking out the masking stickers, you will love them! They can be found on amazon, etsy, or eBay by searching “masking stickers”. 

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post! Please leave me feedback in the comments if you like reading these type of posts! Have a great day! 

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2 thoughts on “My Week #29

  1. homemakersdaily

    Those strips would be great for my granddaughter. She’s 4-1/2 and LOVES washi tape. She’s been raiding my washi tape collection for her own pictures but she has trouble tearing off the pieces. Those would work well for her – I’d just have to limit her usage or she’d use them all up in one session.

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